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at the skate park

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We had some kids with us yesterday and we took them to the skate park.  Exposure for them (they don't skate) and to satisfy a curiosity for us.  We wanted to see where the park was and we thought it'd be fun to see some of the action.  While walking, this kid stopped me ...

he:  Hey, will take a photo of me?
I: How will I get it to you?
he: Put it on Facebook.
I: (shaking my head) I don't do Facebook.
he:  What do you use?
I:  I don't use any of that. (pause) I can e-mail it to you.
he: okay. (He poses, leans over on the girl next to him. She fusses. He stands back.)
I:  OK.  Just you then. (flash)
he:  OW! OW! OW!  (rubs his eyes) Let me give you my e-mail.
he:  (to the girl) you got a pen?
she: no
he: make up pencil?
she: gives him a "look"
he: Ok, well, just post it and tell your friends you saw this cool dude at the park.
I show him the photo on the camera and we parted.

So dude, here's your photo.