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Thursday, April 01, 2010

I've been gone since 2:45 p.m., just getting home at 7:30 p.m.   I've been to the doctor, then through rushhour traffic to the pharmacy.  Sorry no record of the prescription having been called in.  I called Gumby, who has been through this dance many times before.  Gumby calls back.  They have it, give them half an hour to fill it.

I have insurance, but I don't know how it works for medication.  So I pay and will file for reimbursement later.  Cost of medicine: $115.78.  Ouch.  I'm counting on tomorrow being payday.  Look at the size of those pills.  I have a sore throat.  It REALLY hurts to swallow.  Plus I have to take the medicine with food.  I haven't eaten anything since breakfast; and breakfast (a frozen dinner) didn't sit well with me earlier.  I sure don't feel like eating.  Or swallowing.  Doc thinks it's pharyngitis.

No, the Gatorade didnt help with the headache.  Neither did two capsules of Tylenol combined with two tablets of Mucinex.  The vinegar and honey didn't make the lump go down.  But it did make a rather interesting searing pain ... something different from the other pain.

Now I better go eat.  And medicate.  And investigate pronto how to file for reimbursement.  And yes, I feel lousy.  Dinner will be a croissant with butter.