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1st day

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

OK, I'm officially hired. I got the employee badge and parking sticker. I was told that I passed my background check. One guy feigned surprise when informed that he passed his background check. hee hee

On my old job, the rule is to never act surprised. If it breaks, at least make it look like it was either designed to do that or you knew about it.

There is about half a dozen of us new hires. The company promotes from within, so they have to backfill the bottom slots.

I don't think they have a dress code. I'm trying to decide whether to maintain office casual as a reminder to them that I'm professional and should be promoted (as soon as fitting), or to go jeans/t-shirt to show that I'm a team player and good sport, willing to blend in. I think the rule is to never out-do your boss, dress or otherwise.


Visited with Tonto in the hospital after work. Brought home as much as possible, leaving only what Tonto needs for tomorrow. A friend will provide the chauffeur service. Got home later than I wanted. Made chicken vegetable soup so that Tonto and friend would have something to munch on if desired. I'd classify the soup as "light," not much flavor but certainly edible. I might pack some for lunch.

We've been rather unsatisfied with the nursing staff. General complaints would be untimely response, loud talking, unconcerned attitude, and general lack of attentiveness, sometimes downright rudeness. At night, they're rather free to do as they please since they're not under supervision. Tonto no longer relies on the night staff for anything and would rather suffer doing things self or do without. When I was there, I'd be the one helping. So good thing Tonto is coming home Tuesday.


T.O. said...

Congrats on the first day! :)