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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I attempted the CCNA test again. And for the second time, I did not pass. friggin fraggin *grumble* How shall I put it ... frustrating, exasperating, aggravating, agonizing, de-moralizing, humiliating, disappointing ... yes, my friends painful and bitter was this defeat. So much so that I inwardly whined "unfair!" violating my own rule of no-whining. On the positive side, I didn't score less than last time.

I have proven once more that it's hard as hell to cram successfully for this test. There are simulator labs on the test that I simply have not been able to pass. My dinosaur of a computer cannot run simulators so I've not been able to practice. As an analogy, it is sort of like being able to pass my music theory but not able play a music instrument and therefore failed the exam. You see, it's hard to learn to play a music instrument without having one to practice on. However, it is not impossible to learn this stuff without the simulator -- it's just harder.

I've calmed down by this time, though still bitter. I'm just going to have to crunch down and study harder, and get other study materials. Some of the questions on the test were not covered that thoroughly in the book I have. I have to remind myself that there a worse things: war, domestic abuse, poverty, etc. This was just friggin certification test.

Got a hair cut today. It almost would pass for a head shave except that I do have some length of hair left. Then I got my tires rotated (sure hope they rotated all four tires). It was closing time and the guys at the tire store were hurrying to get everything done before the advancing storm clouds hit us. It went from a scorchingly hot day to a storming evening.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a stormy day all around. I'm sorry. :(

Natty said...


Sorry to hear about your disappointment. Seems to be in the air lately.

I'm bouncing back a bit myself from my disappointment.

I'd love to see your hair cut! :D I shaved my head once. I was not cute.

seeking_something said...

Aye, I would happily oblige, Natty. But alas! 'Tis not to be. I don't have a digicam or webcam and the 35mm cams are rather cheap, plus I wouldn't know when those films would be developed. We'll just have to meet. This is my 3-month haircut: I won't need another cut for 3 months.
One of the guys at work seemed genuinely offended by the cut; he asked me if I was going into the military. They haven't been my co-workers long enough. My former co-workers well know the varying lengths of my hair. Short is definitely better.