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worn out

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Friday I was so tired. I looked at the clock (on my computer) and saw that my shift was over. I had answered all my e-mails up to that point. I shut down my computer and just got up and left. Nevermind that I had work piled up from yesterday. Nevermind that I didn't get to all the stuff I was supposed to get to today (or yesterday). Nevermind that I had put on my timesheet that I would work 14 hours that day. Since my co-workers were all busy, buried in their own pile of stuff, I bet they didn't notice me leaving. I'm sure they were shocked when they looked around and found that I wasn't there--I who show up at 7am and don't leave until 8pm or later.

I was just really tired. I couldn't take it any more. The intent was to come back on Saturday morning. After spending $65 to fill up both cars yesterday, Pogo said to save on the gas and don't go into work today. I'm all too happy to comply. So I'll just have a pile of stuff to deal with next week.

After paying this month's mortgage and light bill, my paycheck is just about gone, *poof*. Next week I intend to take a day off since Pogo is going back in the hospital and have asked for my assistance on pre-op day. Then I might take the entire week off the following week for Pogo's surgery. This is a job with no benefits, so we're talking no pay. Might be slim pickin' on the next paycheck. And if my employer is really pissed off at me by then, it may be my last paycheck. Then I would once again be liberated (i.e. unemployed). As I said, I'm just friggin' tired.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Seeking. I think it's wise you're taking some time to rejuvenate yourself this weekend.