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luv my car

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Yup, I love my car. But I was willing to lose it, if it came down to that because we couldn't make the payments. I'm glad it didn't come to that. My brother has a competitor's model and his car has more bells and whistles, but I do believe I have a better engine. I took my car for an oil change this morning; I wanted to have a tire rotation too but the tire shop was packed and they said the wait would be about an hour and a half. I'll just try again another time or another day.

Anyhow, with the short wheelbase, smooth engine, and driver positioning for good view out the large windows, it's fun to drive. It being a little higher off the ground and having larger tires help me navigate flood conditions common around here. (Those larger tires sure can hurt the pocketbook, though.) Its short wheelbase makes for cramped quarters and it's not a very good passenger car, but I seldom have passengers. A short wheelbase also means that I won't be towing anything, but that's okay. They don't make the model in this body style anymore; this same model keeps getting a little bigger each time they modify it. I like newer cars for their increased performance and efficiency, but I sure do love my car!

We usually trade in our cars when it gets too expensive to repair (i.e. they don't make the model any more and it's hard to get parts). I don't know what the future of my ride is, but it'd be cool if I can drop in a newer model engine and maybe tranny too when this one gives out, and just keep the body style.

By the way, isn't it absolutely amazing how long your car lights last?