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Friday, January 26, 2007

I've been to a few discernment events. My personal experience is that you never leave those events empty-handed. You might get literature, pens, rosaries, prayer cards, magnets, cookies, or such. I got a candle from the Benedictines. I also got a candle from the Dominicans (and a wall cross, Dominican magnet, generic notepad, generic pen, generic pencil, Domican notecards, Dominican postcards, and a Dominican bookmark made by one of my favorite Dominicans).

The Dominican weekend discernment retreat started today, so I lit my Dominican candle tonight. And I will do so tomorrow night as well. This is the candle from the very same retreat that I attended last year. We each lit our candle on the first night and they stayed on until we blew them out and took them home with us on Sunday. I have the candle in my room so that I don't forget to put it out before going to bed, I won't be leaving it on unattended. But what was cool was that I brought my lit candle into the room without turning on the light. I was amazed at how much light the candle gave, how much darkness was dispelled. It kinda cheered me up.

Then I turned on the lights because it makes the computer glare less glaring.