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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I met with my spiritual director today. We did something a little different. We tried tapping into my subconscious; a little art approach. I never said what my profession is, but you can safely rule out "artist." I did my best to cooperate, following directions to draw lines and colors in association with various emotion words. I was left alone to tackle these tasks, first the lines, then the colors. I, who live in my head almost all the time, who spend minimal time discussing my emotions, and who have never had any affinity for abstract art, was at a loss but did put something down on paper. Each time my SD left the room then returned, I was finished with the task at hand. No point in prolonging; I'm not going to have any better insight in 40 minutes than in 2 minutes. I don't know if anything came out of it, but I agreed to try to "think outside the box" for a while. I'll make an effort to think colors each day, something like "I feel bengal-tiger-striped black and orange today" or "bannana yellow and almost white" or "overdue bill pink" ... you get the idea


Natty said...

"Overdue bill pink" Great visual! One that we are both, I fear, all too familiar with!