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another trip

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another trip on the books: Rochester, NY in March for a friend's wedding.

Trips are nice. The bills are not. Am I enjoying my trips? Yes. Would I trade this life for religious life? In a heartbeat.


Anonymous said...

What kind of religious life ae you looking for? Active or contemplative? We are a vibrant cotemplative monastery of Dominican nuns in Lufkin TX -- 2 1/2 hours north of Houston on Hwy 59. There are 30 of us ranging in age from 26 to 84.

God bless you,
Sr Mary Jeremiah, OP
Vocation Directress

seeking_something said...

Greetings! Thank you for the note and God bless you and your community too. I have my sights on a Dominican community already but am delighted nonetheless to have your invitation. God willing, someday I'll be OP too and perhaps we'll run into each other. May God bless the work of your hands.

--Seeking Something

Anonymous said...

Are you driving to NY? I sure hope not!!

BTW, got a postcard in the mail today! ;-)