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weekend so far

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I didn't go to work on Friday; went to the doctor instead. He didn't think it was anything infectious. He gave me prescriptions for drainage/congestion and also for some sort of analgesic. I don't think I'll get the stuff; I'll just take what we have here.

My four new tires arrived. Had I not checked the porch we never would have known that they were here. I'm supposed to check them for damage; I haven't gotten to it. We were heading off to the doctor's appointment when I saw them. I moved them to the garage was all. It took forever to get back home from the doctor's office downtown (rush hour traffic on a Friday evening).

This morning (Saturday) we were at mass then went to the movies. We watched "American Gangster" and "Kingdom." It's Gumdrops birthday tomorrow and so this is how Gumdrops wanted to celebrate. Gumdrops loves movies. and beaches. Two movies and now it's evening. At least it's cheaper than going out of town. Geez, gas prices have been steadily climbing. There will be dinner out either tonight or tomorrow night--it's up to Gumdrops. We've a few obligations to take care of this weekend.

Tomorrow it's church and then a voice concert at the seminary (waaaaay across town).

I've a dental appointment to Tuesday and I'd like to keep it. I hope my health gets better. My voice has changed several times over the past several days. I can do stuff that doesn't take much energy (like sit up and watch a movie, or play websudoku :) ), but I won't be willing to do anything that requires some exertion. My airways are clear, but sometimes it seems difficult to breathe.