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Christmas cards

Sunday, December 09, 2007

OK, I didn't get to the poison oak. I was hardly at home at all yesterday. So the evil in my yard gets to live at least another week.

Guppy and I spent quite some time looking for Christmas cards. I suppose we're being picky again. We'd like for it to look good, of course. But primarily it has to say "Merry Christmas" and it'd be nice if it said "Happy New Year" too. The huge selection was mainly "Season's Greetings," "Happy Holidays," or something benign like "Let it snow!" or "chill."

Finally yesterday evening I was in a Christian store (read, "protestant"). I had never been there, had never even thought to look for one. It just so happens that they were a few doors down from a Hallmark that we scoured. Lo and behold, there were some candidate cards. As expected, the verses, when present were from KJV or some similar version. That's ok. I grabbed a design with three kings. Side note: the Bible never said there were "three" kings. There was also one box of some sort of collage that Guppy really liked. Unfortunately, there was only one box so I grabbed that one.

I never thought it'd be so difficult to find Christmas cards.