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getting into Christmas a little

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Skip got moved to a better hospital room. See, I told you Guppy is a squeaky wheel.

Yesterday the morning was spent at a rehearsal for one of the Christmas eve masses. Then the afternoon was spent running from one store to another, looking for things to get for skip and things with which to decorate skip's hospital room. I got slippers, gripper-bottom socks, and cotton crew socks for skip.

For the decorations, I bought 4-ft Christmas tree with lights (finally found after checking three other stores), a wreath with Santa sitting in it and with a "Merry Christmas" sign across the top, small red ornaments for the small tree, and a foot switch to turn the tree lights on/off. It pretty much took all afternoon to get all the stuff. It's Guppy's ideas, but I did the running around.

We went to the hospital last night and put up the decorations and try the socks and stuff. The slippers will need to be returned. Else everything seems ok. So over all, things are well on that front.

Today after mass I went grocery shopping for items for Christmas dinner. Since I don't know how to keep mustard greens fresh, I worked on them the minute I got home. So I'm finished with cooking the greens. I've just finished putting up the lights outside (just the shrubs and around the door). I won't decorate inside. I need to bake some cornbread for the cornbread dressing next. I'm just taking a breather here.