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Thursday, February 02, 2006

It so happens that I was in the neighborhood of my home parish today, because we get prescription medication from a store in that area. So I made it a point to go to St. xx. Ahhhh. Home. I visited with Jesus in the tabernacle for a few minutes; picked up a bulletin on the way out.

Then I went to the office in search of my pastor, hoping to interrupt his day and give him a hug. The receptionist tells me she has no priests today. So I left. As I started towards my car, I thought I heard a door close at the rectory across the way. A little while later a car pulls out of the rectory garage. I'm still walking. I waved to the car, not knowing who was in it. As I jumped into my car and started the engine, the other one pulls up beside me. Out pops my pastor, as sprightly as any 20-yr old! We hugged.

We had a big function at our parish this past Sunday, and I was quite certain that he'd notice I wasn't there. He inquired as to where I had been. We stood there in the late afternoon sun and talked briefly about my Dominican experience. He gave me some encouragement, "Where there is a need, God will fill it. Keep searching." He told me he is all in favor of women priests, and encouraged me to voice my concerns with the Dominican prioress. Then we parted.

My pastor is such a joy and comfort to me. My lord Jesus sure knows how to refresh me. Thank you, Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Aren't those rare, coincidental opportunities wonderful?