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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Friday it was ... Smurf: "Why didn't you wake me up?" me: "I thought you changed your mind about going." See, I know it's hard for you to sleep, so I let you sleep when you can.

Saturday morn we went to a Baptist thingamajig in support of Smurf's relative. They had four preachers, one topic each. One word to these Baptist preachers: "commitment." Please keep to your time commitment. Considering that I hadn't had breakfast and that I'm not that interested, I wasn't happy that by noon there are still two more talks to go before you feed us. Even more unhappy when the third preacher decides to take a whole hour, wanders all over the place, throws in scripture here and there and a few big words and still claims to be on topic by returning to it every now and then. Hey preacher, don't strain too hard ... go to the Catholic Catechism and they'll have the scriptures cross-referenced already for you. We left a few minutes into the last preacher's sermon, got our food (kudos to them for having them in to-go boxes already) and left some time after 2pm, ravenously starving.

Sat eve I woke Smurf up too late for Smurf to get ready and go to mass. I thought it was enough time. My fault, really, as I had forgotten what time Smurf had requested to be awaken. After mass is a party for the associate pastor. "Do you still want to go to the party? When do you want me to wake you up?" I get a glare and then "I want you to leave me alone and I go back to sleep." I say "So you don't want me to wake you up? I won't wake you then, okay?"

I decided to go to the party. Then when I left the party I called Smurf. I hear the anger. I get home and eventually it's the "I asked you if you were going to the party, why didn't you wake me up" issue. Folks, I have an extremely simple mind. If you don't say what you mean and if you don't mean what you say, then I am absolutely clueless as to what you intend.


beef, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes stewing in the slow cooker ... yes, I forgot the celery, but I ain't going back out to get it ... I shall not mention it and see if Smurf even notices its absence


Natty said...

Sounds like Smurf needs an alarm clock and you all need some better boundaries with each other.

Claire Joy said...

I have a priest friend who says "if you can't preach an effective sermon in ten minutes, whatever you have to say isn't worth hearing." I just LOVE him.