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Monday, February 27, 2006

product endorsements
I just tried Vitamin Water by Glaceau and liked it just fine. I also tried Fresca sparkling citrus soda, peach flavor and liked it okay too. However, I usually avoid carbonated drinks.

On the pet front,

my cats like the simple and colorful plastic rings, usually sold in a blister pack of four. I wish I have a picture to post, but I do not. My cats have a set of curls, and set of wavy rings, and a set that's tube-like. They chase those things all over the house and get them lost under stuff.

Also, I heartily endorse the Clevercat kitty litter box. It's basically a deep rectangular bucket with a lid; the lid has a cat-sized hole. The cat enters the bucket from the top. Because It's basically a bucket, there are no holes and seams to leak liquids. You'll need a compact scooper to work inside the bucket, though. Also, most owners don't like to see inside the box so the hole on top can be unappealing. As for me, I love not having to clean kitty piddle from between top and bottom kitty box halves and from the kitty box mat.

For a simple cat bed, we got a seat cushion on sale at Wal-mart (less than $10 for sure).

variations on a theme
I'd like to see someone publish a coffee-table book of photos of fire hydrants. They're painted differently in different neighborhoods. If not a book, then maybe a website that collects these photos. Everybody take a picture of fire hydrants in their environment then submit the pictures to the website, which then catalogs and displays them. It might exist already, I don't know.

Similarly, I'd like somebody to publish a photo book of pets. Everybody send their pet pictures to the publisher, who then sorts and selects for publication. Real live pets, people, and places in ordinary everyday lives.

Phaidon Press usually has books like those. I think they have one of crucifixes; crucifixes were actually one in a set of three such themed books. I wonder whether they have one of American Cathedrals.
Actually, I forgot what it was that I meant to post. Oh well.

Planning to be out of town Thursday through Sunday. Will be missing the Rite of Sending and possibly the Rite of Election (of course, it's not me that's being sent and elected).

Gotta figure out what it is I'm giving up/committing to for lent. I'll probably give up all sweets except juices as usual. Hmm...what shall I commit to?