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just rambling

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 a call today about a 6-month contract job in Grand Rapids, MI; same field and industry I was working. Imagine that. I had never heard of Grand Rapids until I met Natty through her blog. And now the only job call I have is for work there.

Got obligations here. Kinda far from home there (what? I'd have to pay both the mortgage here and the housing rental there?). And I'm trying to change careers. Leaning towards a no response to that call.

Doc visit yesterday so went volunteering today instead of yesterday. More folding paper flowers (I think this is the last of it). The Sisters talked to me some more about vocations. Hey, I'm all for it, I wanna get into it, but I can't.

Dinner with the Dominicans tomorrow. Gumby is invited too. Now that's rare. I'm getting the idea that the Dominicans are a pretty open bunch.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job offer, even if you turn it down. It's nice to be needed. And as for your use of the nickname Gumby, I keep picturing a flexible, happy, green being :)

Natty said...

Hmm.... if you do decide you might be interested in the Grand Rapids job, I bet I could hook you up with my Dominican connections and see if there isn't some sort of affordable/shared living situation (or even a sublease?) available. There really could be possibilities in exploring this option, and it could be an interesting "break" in which to do discernment... Lotta nuns in Michigan!

And then I'd certainly come up and hang with you too!! ;-)

Just a thought.

seeking_something said...

Thanks for the thought, Natty. I like idea of hanging out with you, go check out your lie-berry and just generally exploring new territory. However, I've obligations that keep me here. Perhaps one day (especially if we both end up being Dominicans). :)