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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wishing everyone a prayerful and penitent Lenten Season!
Monday I spent the whole day and over $600 on new brake pads and rear brake cylinders. (So, the brake warning light that's been on and off for about a month was legit.) They also pointed out that I need about another $1K worth of work on the car. Yeah, okay, when I win the lottery maybe.
Tuesday volunteering was in the kitchen. I made Spanish rice and squash casserole. Actually, Sister basically had me watch the rice, she was the one that dumped the ingredients in. Then she handed me a book of recipes, picked out a simple squash casserole, handed me cooked squash, and then left me with the task as if I knew how to cook. I hope it turned out OK. As usual, I didn't stick around to eat.
Heading out of town tomorrow. Will return Sunday.


Moneybags said...

I hope you have had a great Ash Wednesday. I just returned from Mass and received my ashes. It's one of my favorite times of year.

seeking_something said...

Yup, Tonto wanted to go to the Cathedral to have mass with the bishop, so that's what we did. It wasn't the particular bishop we were hoping for, but still, it's a bishop. Then we stopped by our home parish to pick up Lenten materials they had for us. At our home parish, they used to do a very beautiful, haunting Kyrie and I look forward to that ... don't know if they'll do it this year; they didn't last year.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe and pleasant trip!