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Sunday, March 26, 2006

As promised:

Yes, I got hired. Temporary for the moment. Permanent hire is contingent on me getting my CCNA within 120 days. Big cut in salary from my previous job, but this is going to be a great learning opportunity and a great start on a new career. I got the call on Friday. The Fed-ex package arrived on Saturday, I'm just now getting home today to pick it up; have not read it.

Gumby got tubes and such attachments removed on Friday and got moved to the re-hab unit on Saturday. It has been extremely rough going for Gumby -- psychologically, emotionally and physically. I'll get back to the hospital as soon as I can.

My friend with the lung tumors was expected to go home today or tomorrow. I heard that my friend continues to be in great spirits ... ah, so in character. And me over here selfishly fretting over the prospect of losing such a beautiful and amazing creation that is my friend.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the job, Seeking!! And Gumby remains in my prayers.