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1st interview!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

10:00 a.m. job interview tomorrow (Wednesday). Well that forced me to go get a shirt for the skirt/jacket suit I got back in January. Preferred is a plain solid cream shell, but none to be found. In desperation I grabbed a white 3/4 sleeve button shirt from Target and then a butter-yellow plain oxford from Walmart. I tried on several solid color T-shirts and a polo, but oddly enough, they didn't look right ... collar opening too big, or the slope from the neck to the arm was too steep; or in the case of the polo, the collar was too high.

I did buy a very thin stretch-T meant for layering, which is great because that's what I'll use it for. If I wore a camisole, then you'd end up seeing several straps on my shoulders (seems like all shirts are see-through these days). So I prefer something like a solid tee with low neck in the front under my shirt; then you won't see it or the bra and gives a smoother look.

All day at the hospital today for Tonto's pre-operation rigamarole. Surgery on the 22nd. Folks were sympathetic that I was answering "job interview" phone calls. Fortunately there was just two. It wasn't the most convenient of situations for answering these calls.

Hope the job pans out. It doesn't pay much and for the first 90 days there will be no benefits. The first phone conversation was to inform me of that. The second phone conversation scheduled the interview. But I like the company and I think it's promising. Hope they don't need me to start until April, when Tonto will be out of the hospital. Anyhow, gotta go jump in the shower, prepare the clothes, prepare the resume and reference sheets, and study up on interviewing.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!

Lisa said...

So, how did it go?