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Since Lisa inquired...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I went with the yellow shirt. The suit was very comfortable. Went with my patent black shoes (ugh) because I didn't really have any other that would work. My other black shoes are pretty beat. Except for the shoes, I was sufficiently spiffy walking out the door.

When I got my last job, the guys interviewing me were nice and relaxed and they spent much time telling me about the job--I hardly had to say anything. The situation was similar this morning, however the guys were not as relaxed. They spent much time emphasizing how stressful the job can be and made it clear that energy, drive and determination are absolutely essential to this job. I got the message that they were reasonably concerned that folks would come in, only to find that they can't handle the stress, and drop out. To me, it's a positive sign when the interviewer spends such time telling me about the job. I interpret it to mean "We're okay with you. We want you to be okay with the job." They mentioned that it would be at least a week to do whatever it is they have to do, and that I'd start no sooner than the last week of March IF I were offered the job. So I think it was a good interview. But I'll not count my chickens yet.

I hope I'll get hired. Nobody likes a job interview; I'd like for this to be the only one I needed. One good thing: their employees dress very casually. This means that I need not spend money on a new wardrobe. My clothes are showing wear and a little tear; they would just blend right in.

Kinda whipped. Been running errands. Still gotta write the follow-up letter.


Anonymous said...

Sounds positive to me - my fingers are crossed for you! :)