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room overhaul

Thursday, March 09, 2006

"it is better to need little than to have much" --from the rule of St. Augustine

Work is in progress in Tonto's room. I have moved two major pieces of furniture. And since Tonto is here working on it, Tonto can toss out. So far two boxes of old magazines have been tossed (for recycling) and one garbage bag full of stuff. Yesterday three pieces of furniture was given away to a relative who then hauled them away. Three minor pieces of furniture is being removed from Tonto's room, and one *small* desk will be moved in. Else it's impossible to make a room look better when there is way too much stuff in it.


Yesterday's volunteering was uneventful: diced up some cheese. That probably took 20 minutes of the two hours I was there. Sister was feeling talkative and talked to me about some personal stuff, like her annual vow is coming up, how she has doubts about taking the leap for life just yet, and her hopes for a 30-day retreat prior to making the vows, some difficulties in the convent, some hope with the new leadership, and that one of the postulants had left to take care of a relative.

I stuck around to eat because they insisted and because it was such good food. I then went to spiritual direction. Somehow I'm always surprised that I don't get knocked around during spiritual direction, like really get admonished. Instead I get some pointers like pray for this, and look/listen for that. I have no idea what a good spiritual direction session looks like so I've nothing to guage how things are going. I've not (yet?) gone psycho or have any crises and these are kinda like "catching up with each other" sessions, though my director is very careful to not talk about herself, choosing instead to try to keep the focus on me.


Moneybags said...

Hello, Seeking.

I wanted to know if you would like to join me in praying the St. Patrick Novena since one of your patron saints is St. Patrick. I've posted today's prayer and a link to the other days on my blog.

Also, please check out my new blog dedicated just to pro-life issues.

God Bless