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out of it

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Been kinda busy. Doing what, I can't remember.

I did a little something with the Dominican volunteer stuff last week and that took a little time. Not sure it is of any assistance to them, but I had fun while working on it.

There has been death in the "family." Not close to me, but I did have to spend a couple of late nights dealing with the funeral program. I didn't put it together, I only had to put it in the computer and then send it to the right folks to finish. The funeral is Saturday, so I guess the wake will be Friday night. The whole thing is not your normal death/family/funeral deal but I don't want to get into it. Oh, it was a natural death, if you're wondering.

I didn't go to work on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday I was at work but I was either half-asleep or downright sleeping on the job. Wednesday night was Red Mass at the Cathedral then a dinner out with a friend. Today I was still struggling with sleepiness. At this moment, I am finally feeling kinda awake.

The thing I lost is still lost. Yes, I've implored St. Anthony, Jesus, Mary, and any Saint I could think of. "Jesus, Mary, I love you; save souls. And please restore to me the xx I lost." If I could be so distressed over this lost thing, then just imagine Jesus' "sorrow" over a lost soul! For the sake of Jesus, may all souls be saved!

My second of two church volunteer gigs has started back up. May my head be clear enough for me to juggle what little multi-tasking I have signed up to do.