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not quite right

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friggin fraggin. The person taking care of the funeral program misspoke and told the layout person that the program was good as-is and did not need formatting. I did the photo collage and indeed that was ready to go, but the text was unformatted and the spacing needed adjusting. It was also missing the text that was to go down the edge of program on each page. So now we have several hundred rather primitive looking programs. Unbeknownst to Gumby and I, we were to be the ones to fold them. We just stumbled into the task. They don't fold straight down the middle; the folds are offset so that the edges are staggered. Someone else's initial attempts were horrendous. So I set it up approximately right. But we didn't have all the programs. Elsewhere someone has approximately a hundred and had already folded them all--straight down the middle no doubt. We brought the ones we folded home so that we could staple them--we have a long-reach stapler. As for the other hundred, we don't have them so they're not stapled. Sigh. Not your average funeral.