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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Man, I'm just all over the place. No focus.

Sunday I did my volunteer gigs then attended the Dominican Sister's jubilee mass/celebration and reception. Our bishop presided. What a treat. I love that guy. Oh, yeah, I love the Dominicans too. This year I was properly dressed in a dressy dress with dress shoes. Those shoes were pure torture. They squish my toes and completely negate what little cushioning the ball of my feet had in the first place. Given the discomfort of my get-up, the standing room only crowd, high noise level, and also that Gumdrops wasn't feeling well (the main factor, actually), I didn't stay long at the reception. I didn't see my Dominican liason at any time and that was probably a social faux pas. I can't help but be forgiving, given my frequent need for other's forgiveness.

I'm not quite keeping up with my Dominican volunteer gig.

I'm thinking about looking for another job. I responded to two job ads yesterday, but didn't exactly do so with gusto: no cover letter and no polishing of the resume. My current job is killing me; I can't be productive and that's not good for my psyche.

The missing item is still missing.

I'm up for one of my church gigs this Sunday. I'm trying to prepare for it. Which reminds me, I have some stuff to read from my last visit with the spiritual director ... I should get on it.

My car needs new tires again. Discount Tires quoted over $800 for four new Michelins with the works. Yeah right. I said I'd have to think on that. I've asked around and it seems that all tires suck. I'll probably try some Yokohama Geolandars.

I'm thinking we should change out the breaker box on the house. We have some Stab-Lok breakers and there's a report on the web that says these breakers are prone to fail in the sense that they don't do what they are supposed to do. I don't see much evidence that refutes it, and I think it's worth the safety to change out the whole box. That's going to be a pretty penny.

Still fretting over my student loan. Even if it were possible to put the entire paycheck towards the loan, it still wouldn't be enough to pay it out. Not that it matters; that's definitely fantasy to not have to pay for anything else. But on the bright side, there has been progress. Next year I hope to up the monthly payments to $800. We'll see how it goes.