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Sunday, October 21, 2007

whew! I just finished ironing 8 of my t-shirts and 1 dress shirt. Fortunately, the other dress shirts are "no iron." Last Saturday I walked for a charity event and garnered another T-shirt, size large. It was either going to be large or x-large--there were no other choices. I normally wear medium, and even then I wonder if I'm sporting a "tent" look. So I'm not sure what to do with my large T now that the event is over; but it is washed and ironed.

I'm feeling just a little unwell today. I napped after eating lunch; I had done so yesterday as well. As is typical for this area, great weather brings with it stuff in the air. I do believe we are the allergy capital. So I have some allergy symptoms and some sinus problems (headache). But the symptoms are relatively mild. I used to have far worse allergies and I've had headaches bad enough to nauseate me. I haven't had it that bad for quite some time.

Our parish picnic event was today. This year, Gumdrops and I didn't attend. I did one of my church volunteer gigs this morning in conjunction with mass and then left. My favorite pastor presided over that particular mass. He seemed in good spirits. His vestment needed a little adjusting prior to mass and I helped with that. It was cool that we were comfortable working with each other.
Tomorrow evening I meet with the group volunteering for some of the Dominican stuff. I've kinda dropped the ball on that so I'll have to see where to go from here.
I am ecstatic that Daniel DiNardo has been named Cardinal. I love that guy.
Work has picked up pace. I am now too busy to be bored.
Last week, Discount Tires Direct was running a sale so I was able to get my new tires for a good price. Plus I can get the exact size I need, meaning that I didn't have to buy slightly larger tires and that too brought the price down. They will be shipped to the house. I will need to figure out where to store them until I decide to replace my existing tires. The other problem is that I probably need new struts. Bad struts can cause premature wear on my tires.
I didn't really recount our adventures at the appliance store. We ended up with a fancier microhood and with a slightly higher price tag. But it was a good deal. Our salesperson was very personable, but she wasn't too savvy on the technical stuff. She wasn't very helpful, but was very accommodating. A wonderful personality always compensates for anything that may be lacking. I'd hang with a personable person any day.


Anonymous said...

Waitaminute.... you iron *t*-shirts??


I have blouses I like but haven't worn in months cuz they need ironing, and I just never get around to it. Gee I hope we're at the novititate together someday! I'll do some chore you hate in excange for ironing! ;-)