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Saturday, October 27, 2007

tired. and grumpy. I've spent this beautiful day working an unusal home project per Gumdrops request. I've spent all afternoon and evening on this thing. I'm not finished but it's time to quit becuase I'm friggin tired and things are not working right; I'm starting to make mistakes. I've drilled a 3/4" hole in the wrong place, plus the stuff to be mounted in it doesn't fit. I did want to go wash my car, but no chance of that. tired. back hurts. there's more work to do. so no rest tomorrow. I'm pissed.


Anonymous said...

Aw! *hug* I know I get reeeeeally irritable and, yes, downright pissy, when things like that happen. I believe you probably demonstrate more persistence and motivation than I do! If I were closer, I'd come wash your car for you!!! (In exchange, of course, for having a few blouses ironed!)

I don't know that Sr. G is here... I've heard of her, but don't think I've ever met her or know what she looks like. But that's not to say for certain that she's not. I just yesterday saw Sr. Mary Jeanne, from St. Mary's New Orleans. She was our tour-guide to New Orleans during our DVUSA mid-year retreat back in Feb. 2005 (pre-Katrina). Her passion for that city is certainly infectious. But she has also certainly aged since Katrina. There have been so many tragic and inspiring stories from both congregations of New Orleans Sisters, as well as Houston and Kentucky. St. Mary's seems to have gotten a vocation from Kentucky, even! A girl came down to N.O. to do hurricaine clean-up and fell in love and stayed. So neat.

Anyway, 'tis time for "continental breakfast" of pop and sweet breads. :-( Our banquet last night was very nice, but mostly I've been quite hungry because they've been trying to keep the food on a budget, often at the expense of PROTEIN! Am seriously temped to go check out what's for breakfast in the rather expensive-looking in-hotel restaurant behind me...

OH! btw, Sr. Pricilla says hi!! What a sweetie! All the current novices are! :)

seeking_something said...

Thanks for the update. It's cool we know some of the same people, but then, it's the Dominican crowd. Thanks for the car wash offer; we can do our chores together!