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legal murder

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Over 1 million lives extinguished last year. When the Germans were trying to extinguish the Jewish people, they made a cognitive justification by saying that Jewish people were not persons. When Americans had slaves, they justified it by saying that the slaves were not persons. They didn't want to give up slavery because *gasp* how could they possibly have a thriving economy without slaves? Now we're doing abortions because, you know, that's not killing a person. Plus, if you can't afford to raise child, why, economics consideration is a legit reason go ahead and kill him/her off. Not too long ago, women were regarded as just a step above the furry four-legged animals. It's awful that this lack of respect for the dignity of persons continues today: just wave it off as "not a person."

The cause of abortions is a lack of faith. Lack of faith that God will provide.

In a parish with approximately 4,000 families, approximately 20 people showed up for a pro-life prayer service this evening. And I'd bet that approximately half of that 20 were the people on the pro-life committee. If your kid had a baseball game, you'd try to show up for moral support. So along the same lines, if your parish committees sponsor an event, it'd be nice to show up to provide moral support.

But on the bright side, there was some attendance tonight. May God be praised.