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doing well

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Doggie is doing well though he's taking up all my off time. He's quiet in the crate and has never soiled it. He's urinating regularly in the designated bathroom area, though the hasn't learned NOT to urinate elsewhere. He doesn't potty much, but so far it's been in the bathroom area. He still pulls on the leash but we can work on that. He more readily tries the food I put down for him (raw meat diet). His supplements came in yesterday (kelp powder, alfafa powder, vitamin C powder, fish oil, and we already vitamin E), he's well on the way to a good diet. Twice he's been allowed on a leash next to me while I eat my dinner. He must learn to ABSOLUTELY NEVER put his nose anywhere near my food. Even the cats understand that my dinner time is sacred; they don't EVER mess with me whenever or wherever I'm eating.