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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Still here. Just really swamped. I seem to be in a constant fog of fatigue; that is, it seems to be the story of my life. It's after midnight and I still have yet to take my shower. Then I really need to work on some stuff for work.

There was a meeting with the Dominicans this past Monday--a continuation of the volunteering I had signed up to do. But I skipped the meeting because I had to go take care of the dog. I have spent a huge amount of time dealing with dog stuff. I sure hope it gets easier, it's been exhorbitantly time-consuming. Oh, and the "start-up" costs have been significant too even though there *are* some things that we didn't have to buy anew, thanks to having had previous dogs.

We now have the added task of taking care of Skip's property. Gumby has seen to it that the utilities are straightened out (oh boy, more bills). Security is a concern. There is not anything particulary valuable in that house, but thieves won't know that until after they've broken in. We'll need a faucet lock to prevent others from stealing the water. We also need to make regular treks to pick up mail and to check on the property. Further down the line would be to go through the stuff and schedule times for relatives to come in; they want to claim their stake. There will likely be meetings with legal people because we sure don't know now to figure all this out.