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recommended dog training

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's been a soggy week; doggie didn't get to go out much. But we did get some training in. For bull-headed dogs, I highly recommend the Koehler method of dog training foundation longe line work. (On the webpage, it starts at "The Foundation" heading. It's not all contained there but that's the gist.) This has absolutely magical results.

I DON'T recommend it for ALL dogs. We've had a Golden Retriever and a very good German Shepherd dog and those two did not require this. For puppies, I'd recommend a more friendly method. But if you have a difficult dog on the leash, big or small, who couldn't care less about you, nothing beats this method.

Doggie and I have had 4 sessions of this. I don't follow it exactly since I don't have all that space. Also, I'm not home to regulate his water intake and we typically start as soon as I'm home and changed into my "anti-muddy dog" clothes. But the method works nonetheless. According to the webpage, 2 more sessions should do it. The sessions are already becoming less eventful. Guppy came out last night to see what I was doing. He did give a few tugs and that helped with the demonstration. I've used this method when I first started training dogs and by experience, I repeat that I do NOT recommend the method for ALL dogs.

As far as following the rest of the method. I probably won't. For one, I no longer have the book and have forgotten. Another reason is that I'm not that disciplined a trainer. I just get to a point where the dog and us can live peaceably together and I quit. No polish to the training.

06/08/2012 update: I no longer recommend this method.