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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our dog is on a raw food diet.

By chance I stumbled upon proponents of raw diet for humans too. Apparently eating a raw diet helps the body to heal itself. Google it for yourself and see.

It started with a toothache out of this world. I was looking for relief. Eventually the internet links got me to raw diets. I think it's worth a shot. My dentist said the tooth would have to be extracted, that it's already loose and the body has rejected it. Once I can chew again (after this regimen of antibiotics and pain killer), I will attempt the raw diet. It'd be great if the body can heal the dentals. I'm supposed to return next week for the extraction; I'm going to stave it off to see if I can get some healing instead.

All those with health problems (i.e. you're taking pills), please investigate the raw diet.