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going nowhere

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

OK, on review, the essential three requirements for religious life are motivation, fit, and readiness. I think I have the right motivation. With all the different communities out there, I ought to fit somewhere. But the readiness just isn't there: yes I have obligations, yes I have debt. I feel like I'm just thrashing about and going nowhere. And indeed, without all three, I'm not going anywhere. And yet though I'm exhausted, I keep thrashing because I am restless.
Hey folks, how do you find leads on communities that you might want to visit?

Simplicity: "No, I didn't look around. They taught me. I like them. I joined." --one of the Sisters I spoke with


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Here's an excercise I found online somewhere that I found very helpful.

Order the Vision 2005 magazine if you don't already have one. Get a highlighter and read through the blurbs in the back. Pay no attention to what you know about them or where they are etc... Just pay attention to how they describe themselves. If something tugs at your heart, highlight away.

Then go back through. Write down on a piece of paper the key words from all the blurbs you highlighted. Put together, this will be your personal "charism."

Then spend some time in prayer and reflection. Send for info from the communities you highlighted that continue to speak to you. And take it from there.

You might be surprised how this turns out ... I was!

And I also think the days of entering the community you know or taught you are past. It's important I think to look around before you consider a life committment to something.

Also, as to the readiness i hear you on that one. But again you never know. God has a sneaky way of making obstacles jump out of the way if that's what God wants.

Blessings on your discernment.

seeking_something said...


Moneybags said...

Hello, Seeking Something:

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Also, for a list of companies matching gifts of Planned Parenthood (the main abortion provider in the US) see this link:

I hope this helps. Peace

Anonymous said...

One more essential: God's grace for one's vocation.

Anonymous said...

Actually I also wanted to ask what is it you seek in a religious community (that's my question for the day). What is important to you?

Jen Goodnow said...

i can empathize with your feelings on this. i'm in exactly the same place! i have come around to acceptance of this calling and all it entails (as i understand it so far). i have student loans to pay off and grad school to finish. i went to a convent in england this summer really hoping it would be my "home - to - be" and was soooo disappointed when it just didn't feel right (or right now). i've decided to just let go and let god. she will show me where she wants me, i am being taken care of and always guided. take heart. it will happen when the time is right. god's time, not ours.