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Sunday, October 30, 2005

My morning: oil change, mass, Michael's craft store, Barnes & Noble booksellers, Office Depot, Petsmart, Target, Walmart, home by 12:30 p.m. Back out to get flowers. Spent a few bucks at each place, except Target. That and one car payment, and the coffers are empty. No groceries yet. Went to pick up some little folks, then we're off to a birthday party.

First time I've seen a guest overstay the welcome (it wasn't me). The guest wouldn't budge off the couch even after several appeals over a span of 30 minutes. The appeals were "Hey, we're leaving, come follow us so you can get home" and "C'mon, we're really ready to go." We were sitting in the car waiting for this guest, and would have to get out and go back in the house to repeat the appeal. Mentally unbalanced, maybe? Not drunk because there was no alcohol. If I were hosting, I think I'd say, "I appreciate your company. I thank you for coming. But hey, go home so I can go to bed." **boot** (I never said I was a nice person.)

Dies Domini tomorrow! yay!