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must have's

Thursday, October 20, 2005


When visiting different communities, what were some of the "must have's" that you were looking for? daily mass? religious habit? large community? etc.

For me, the must have's include daily mass, liturgy that resonates with me, and a compatible sense of humor.

And it was made clear to me that all things are good even if they are corrupted. They could not be corrupted if they were supremely good; but unless they were good they could not be corrupted. ... If, then, they are deprived of all good, they will cease to exist. So long as they are, therefore, they are good. Therefore, whatsoever is, is good. Evil, then, the origin of which I had been seeking, has no substance at all; for if it were a substance, it would be good. ... I understood, therefore, and it was made clear to me that thou madest all things good, nor is there any substance at all not made by thee. --St. Augustine of Hippo in his Confessions


Anonymous said...
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Susan Rose, CSJP said...

For me my "must haves" were feeling at home. Feeling able to answer Christ's call with the community. An affinity to the charism and work of the community. A sense of peace.

Take your time. You will know when you know, contrite as it sounds.

cooladd said...

Why do you believe that christianity is the truth?. I'm pretty sure that we are just creatures like any other creatures. We arent spceial in any we. Religion is a way people choose to live. Not the way life is. I can understand religion as a way of feeling comfort and help and feeling part of something. I myself have prayed before. just to get things off my mind rather than to have some miracle occur. Perhaps i'm wrong. But know one knows what is right and what is wrong :) Because there is no right or wrong belief.

seeking_something said...

Wow. Let us not post dissertations on a blog.
Dear Cooladd.
point #1: Christianity has not proven to be untrue. point #2: Surely you jest. I don't think there exists a creature that is as progressive nor as destructive as mankind. You know...the use of tools, the use of symbolic language, artistic expression, stuff like that. That makes mankind not "like any other creature." point #2: No, religion is a set of beliefs, which guides how we live. Life is how we live it. Religion is not about being comfortable; it's about seeking truth. point #3: cool. I'm glad that you have prayed. Prayer is not about seeking miracles. God is not a vending machine. point #4: hmm...kinda difficult making choices if no one knows what's right and what's wrong. That perspective sure lets you off the hook, eh? No point in seeking truth if there is no truth to be found. Sounds like you've quit before the journey ever began.

But thanks for taking the time to ask, and I appreciate you stopping by. Please consider taking it up with Jimmy Akin