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Saturday, April 14, 2007

I went to Home Depot this afternoon. I bought some sheets of plywood. Thank goodness there was someone at Home Depot who could help. This guy was the fourth one I asked. The other three wasn't quite knowledgeable. This guy knew what he was talking about, and that's very helpful. Other than that, he wasn't exactly accommodating, but that's okay

I learned two new things today: 1/2 inch plywood is marked "15/32" (that's not quite half inch now, is it?) and you need a large flat topped cart for carting the plywood sheets.

The plywood is for protecting the windows should a hurricane hit. After the close call of hurricane Rita, we figure we need to be prepared. We bought some Plylox for securing the wood last week. So today, I bought 5 sheets of plywood--that's half of what we need. I hope to get the other half soon. The Home Depot guy said that come hurricane season, we're not going to be able to find the plywood for all the money in the world. Yeah, we figured that. Also with the gasoline prices skyrocketing, I'm sure the plywood price will soon go up as well.

hmm...I just looked at my receipt; they cost more than I thought. bummer. I might have been overcharged but I don't really know. (update: Yup, they did overcharge. They charged me for 5/8 plywood instead of the 1/2 (or 15/32) that I had. After the cashier made some phone calls, I got the difference refunded.)

I was hoping they would cut the plywood for me, but they don't do that. I've a few co-workers whom I'm sure wouldn't mind lending me their tools. I just need a circular saw with the right blade and I'll cut it myself. Else I'm sure there are a few neighbors who would either lend the tools or do the cutting for me.

We're on the very far edge of the evacuation zone for a category 5 hurricane. Hence we expect most hurricanes to not really affect us. But, it's better to be prepared.