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the family grows

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I was at the Cathedral today instead of my parish. 27 adults were received into the Catholic church. Hooray! I'd estimate that a little less than half were catechumens. Also as usual, the rector gave a great homily. Happy Sunday to all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info you emailed me about the new (co-)cathedral. Neat! I don't usually get too into cathedrals out of some sort of strange agoraphobia--they're just too BIG for me and I get all distracted in mass, cuz I feel like I'm a museum or something. But this one looks pretty cool. Still, I have to wonder at the expense to build one of these structures when people are going hungry and sleeping in the streets. That's not a criticism of the Houston/Galveston Archdiocese, just something I always wonder about when I hear of the Church spending massive sums of money on things that are not of DIRECT palliative benefit to the poor.

seeking_something said...

It's not all about dollar and cents, though. There is incalculable value in beauty. The art, architecture, and adornment of worship space helps us to remember the awesomeness that is God. It's not just "another roof and four walls." A cathedral is meant to last for generations upon generations. It is a testament to our faith and a gift to all. It is a sacred space. May it be built such that all who enter cannot help but lift mind and heart to God.