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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lucky me. The new modem came with software for my ISP. It's not problem-free; it puts up an error message every time, but at least it gets me connected to the internet. I've moved over three of the four e-mail "accounts." The old Outlook used "identities," not so with Vista. I'd have to have a separate user account for each identity. Hence I haven't ported over the 4th and lesser used identity. Not sure if I will create a user account for it or just combine it with my main "identity."

The problem is that every time I switch user accounts, I lose my ISP connection and would have to reconnect. Being that I am currently the main user and self-appointed administrator, I usually check all the accounts one after the other. I suppose it's not that big a hassle. It takes no longer with the multiple reconnects now with the new machine than it did with my one connect on the old machine.

I hope to one day fork over the administration of the other two e-mail accounts to its owner. I don't relish having to keep up with someone else's e-mails. I have enough with my own.

I've only ported over the messages; I still need to port the contacts.