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my weekend

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Earlier this past week, we had stormy weather. It cleared out by Thursday. This Saturday was second of the three Saturdays that our parish participate in Habitat for Humanity. The first one got rained out. This time I got down there and it was still too wet from the rain earlier in the week. They sent the volunteers home. I helped clean up for about half an hour then took off as well. We had beautiful weekend weather (I feel for you guys up north). I drove past a bicycle ride on the way home ... crowds of cyclers in colorful jerseys ... police directing traffic to protect them. I've been in such events before. I haven't been on my bike in ages. I'll need to start back up one of these days. I came home and rinsed off our two cars. Then worked on installing a new shower head.

In installing the shower head, I was not convinced that it worked properly. So I took it down and took apart the three-way coupler. Boing! Springs went flying. I found the pieces but didn't know where the two springs went. We have the exact same shower head in the other shower. So of course I took it apart too to compare, this time I was prepared for the springs. I discovered that I was missing a part. It was small and the same color as the rug in the bathroom. I couldn't find it. But it was time for mass so I took off.

Coming back from mass, I treated the yard for weeds lest it get too late I start re-neg'ing. The yard should've only taken less than half the bottle to treat. It was the kind where you just hook up your hose and start spraying. Well, the stuff was coming out so fast that by the time I finished, I had less than half a bottle left whereas there should've been more than half left. I hope it works.

Coming back in, I had dinner before tackling the shower heads again. After dinner, I had to use the bathroom and lo and behold, I stepped on the tiny part that I was missing. "Thank you, St. Anthony," I thought, followed by "God is sooooo good!" So praise be to God; the shower heads have all their innards and are working just fine.

Today I had a rare block of several hours where I was alone. I don't know if it's a woman thing, but the tears started flowing. Partly from pent-up frustrations, partly from already missing my pastor since he'll be elsewhere starting next year, and partly from the "who knows why?" bucket. It dried up shortly and I put on some CD's while I did some house cleaning: Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. Later on, since it is Sunday, I decided to put on Sandi Patti. "More Than Wonderful" is a favorite. Then my thoughts wandered to why I will never go see another live Stations of the Cross: it hurts too much. Then Sandi started singing "Via Dolorosa" and the thought of our Lord suffering had my tears flowing again. Dang. And this is supposed to be a joyful Sunday. sigh. I'll get it together.

It occurred to me that one of the reasons I'm so tired is that I spend such effort to restrain the tears. Well, and also that I'm not getting 8 hrs of sleep per night (does anybody?) and also that I'm quite uninspired on my job at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the tears aren't just me. Hang in there {{{hugs}}}

seeking_something said...

Thanks, T.O.!