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folding bike

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

mobiky folding bike
mobiky folding bikeInteresting folding bike from Mobiky, a French company with distributors in the US. The Mobiky Genius folds in seconds flat, will roll even when folded, weighs approximately 30 pounds, and has built-in carry handle. Not a speed bike, for sure, but suffices as a commuter. No need to leave your bike outside and have to lock it - just take it inside with you: on the bus, on the train, in the store.


Web said... has more photos and details about the $699 Mobiky as well as photos, videos, descriptions and reviews of other folding bikes. By the way, folding bikes start around $129 and range up over $1000.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, that's neat! I've seen folding bikes before (mostly DAHON brand), but never one that will roll while folded. They are massively expensive though, but perhaps for commuting and camping (the latter is where I first encountered them), that portability makes the price worth it. The Dahons tend to have a bit bigger wheels, which I like. I sort of felt like a clown on a mini-bike when I tried it, but that was a really old Dahon about 5+ years ago, and it seems like they've really come a long way recently.

Web said...

Actually, the $129 Gekko folding bike rolls when folded, has a super strong rear carry rack built right into the frame and even comes with a carry bag. The Gekko is designed specifically for short distances so it's primarily for cyclists that (A) want a bike to run errands in the neighborhood, (B) use buses, trains and other forms of transportation to cover the long distance and the bike for the beginning or the end portion of the journey or (C) want to keep a folder in their car in the event of an emergency (like running out of gas or a flat tire).