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essential skills

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Folks, typewriting skills are still essential in the workplace. I guess these days they call it keyboarding skills. Henpecking is ok, but typing is better, especially when you're sitting in a meeting with a bunch of folks and they're watching your handiwork real time. Or when you're doing customer support work and you need to type your notes as you converse over the phone.

The other essential skill is writing. Grammar does matter. You can get away with poor spelling, but poor grammar sends a very poor message. My personal pet peeves: "utilize" and "irregardless." OK, so maybe that isn't a grammar problem; it's a style problem. Please, may I suggest "use" and "regardless" instead?


Lisa said...

I get the issue with "irregardless" but not "utilize." "Utilize" is a word. ???