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Friday, November 18, 2005

Sorry, folks. I've been out. I got a call on Friday night from my brother. He wanted me to help him on a task out of town, leaving Sunday night by car. I can't just up and leave. I have a person for whom I need to make sure certain things are done before I can leave for four days. I rushed like mad Saturday and also Sunday afternoon, Sunday morning being for church stuff.

I just got back tonight. All trip expenses were paid for me (wow, I've not eaten so well in a long time), but I had no access to a computer. I was up shortly after 5 each morning to attend a 6:30 service, eventually I found a 6am mass. Back at the hotel by 6:45, out the door around 7:15 and stopping somewhere for breakfast then at the worksite around 8. We worked in a conference room with no windows auditing old invoices until 5:30pm with a lunch break in the middle.

One thing is for sure: that is not my line of work. You can't pay me enough to do that day in and day out. I was wiped out at the end of each day. After dinner, shower, and ironing clothes for the next day, I was so ready for bed. Resume? hah! like I can really muster enough energy to think about a resume. One more week without a step towards finding a job, or even reading about what all I need to do as part of this layoff. Well, there's tomorrow...