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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I've not been out to my backyard since we euthanized our dog a month ago. I haven't had a reason to go out there. We have someone come cut the yard for us. I used to mow the yard; it would take just about all of my Saturday. Last year, due to a major moving event, stuff filled up half the garage and blocked in the lawn mower. I admit I've enjoyed not having to toil in the Texas sun. There could be indians camping in tepees in our back yard now and I wouldn't know anything about it.
I heard on the radio once the question, "What would you do if Jesus is your next door neighbor?"

So what say you?


Barb and Brad said...

knock knock knock

Oh- yah- Hello Jesus- I just ahh- wanted to borrow another cup of sugar- and ahhh- Can I come in and chat again- Yah it's the third time today but ahhh- I just wanted to see you again.:)

God bless,

Natty said...

Barb: cute.

I'd pick up the dog poo in my yard better so if he happened my way he wouldn't have to deal with digging s**t out of his sandals! (Can you tell I just stepped in it AGAIN today?)