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morning mass

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

In a previous post, I had mentioned that I placed my bike in a "grotto." That's a misnomer. This parish has a large courtyard with much greenery. There are many sitting places. There are two areas that are sunken semi-circles. A tall wall lines each semi-circle, acting as the back for the continuous bench along the inside of the wall. At the center (if it were a circle) of each of these two areas is a tall structure--in one area its the statue of Mary on a pedestal, and in the other it's a planter with a cross and there is much growth (not green at the moment) and the eyes have to pick out the cross there in the growth. I had placed my bike in the one with the cross. If I look a little further, I will see the other area with the statue of Mary.

This morning, as I got into the little chapel and had barely finished my genuflection to the tabernacle and bow to the altar (it's a small chapel), when the friendly gentleman who seems to be in charge of organizing these daily masses spoke to me. "How would you like to be altar server today?" I hadn't yet quite picked out a seat, but proceeded to claim one with my helmet as I tried to back out of the invitation. "No, not today," I said as I looked around at the people. He wasn't quitting. "I'll teach, " he said. "You'll teach?" I replied, and with that I'd pretty much bought the farm. After teaching me, he reminded me that it is a privilege to serve at mass. I thanked him. So today I was altar server (in my bright, colorful cycling jersey, no less) and was successful at making it no more eventful than it normally is.


Natty said...

That's neat... I've always wanted to learn to be an altar server, but only kids do it at my current parish. I'm also curious about being a Eucharistic Minister--oh, excuse me, an "Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion." Ahem. Anyway, they don't tend to teach well in this parish... I was pretty much thrown to the wolves for lectoring, so, I'm not up for that kind of an adventure just yet with the Body & Blood of Christ! ;-)

wondering said...

Just enjoyed reading your messages

seeking_something said...

Ah...start as altar server, you don't handle the body and blood of Christ, you handle the gifts.