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Friday, November 11, 2005

Done. Handed stuff over and gave status on stuff. Sent the farewell e-mail and had wonderful responses. Several folks got a real guffaw and my previous manager said that it was the best he'd seen. I'll make my farewell rounds later today. I decided not to post it because you wouldn't get the jokes unless you've worked here.

Thinking about what I'll be doing next, I think I'd like to run by own business. I'd have to partner up since I have lousy credit and now no job. My brother is not too keen on the idea. For sure I'll get cracking on the job hunt starting Monday.

Tonight I'll go visit with the CDP's. Though I'll not join the order, I like them and miss them and they're still generously welcoming me to these monthly discernment sessions. Tonight's topic is "obedience."


Anonymous said...

That last day of work must have been rough. You have my prayers as you continue your job hunt and vocation discernment.