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Monday, November 21, 2005

I just contacted a Sister of another community. I had e-mailed her previously and she replied with a "call me." I finally got around to calling her today. First I get a male voice who asked for my name when I said I wanted to talk to Sister. Then I get Sister. Then I get a "I'm sorry, who are you? This is a really bad connection." Fortunately I eventually get an "Oh, yes, okay..." We set up a meeting in December. Nothing in this voice was warm or welcoming and it's scaring the heck outta me. But then again, my background and current situation wouldn't exactly make me an exciting prospect for any community. But hey, I'm open to adventures. I'll learn something regardless.


Steph said...

I promise you that if you called our place, you'd get both warm AND welcoming! :-) But maybe that's why our vocation program has become the model for so many other communities .... it's the simple things, like making people feel OK about calling.

Soul_Seeker said...

Hi! Just blog-hopping. I found my way here through Nat's blog. I'm friends with Elizabeth, too. What a small world! Did you ever live with the Grand Rapids Dominicans, by chance?

Take care!

Lisa said...

I know it can be discouraging if the vocal reception we receive doesn't feel warm, but I'd encourage you to remain open. There are 1001 reasonable explanations for why the connection may not have been as dunamic as we'd like. And even the warmest of people occasionally have a cool day.

Approach the next exchange with an open mind and heart and see how it feels.

If it's where God is calling, it will feel right. But in the meantime, remember there's lots of graces, blessings, and good people to be found along the journey to finding one's place! Don't miss out on those, too. That's a lesson I had to come to appreciate -- when I was so focused on where I should be I, I almost missed experiencing the grace of where I was in each present moment.