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Friday, December 30, 2005

... or not? ... see LAMLand post

(yeah, I changed the title of this post)


Anonymous said...

I swear, we didn't see it until my filthy little brother pointed it out. He had an early aptitude for spotting things like that, first noticing something similar on a can of Zoodles (for which the artists were later fired) back when he was younger than 10.

Anonymous said...

Jumped right out at me, and, well, I'm not noted for being too aware of that particular part of the anatomy... ;-)

Steph Youstra said...

Once you set it up like that, with "naughty" .... what choice do we HAVE but to see it for what it is! :-)

And, let the record state that I'm not noted for being too aware of that anatomy either ... although possibly not for the same reasons!