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Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's been a gray day (Wednesday, that is ... I've not seen daybreak for Thursday yet). I've managed to stay awake despite it being cold and gray. You see, I'm quite sensitive to the weather, and a day like this is a very serious call to hibernate.

We in the south are not used to such cold weather. I have noticed that in the news, 80 degrees F is considered a "heat wave" in New York. Whereas down here, it's considered a "cool front." So when the temp drops down to "freezing" or basically, the 30's and below, it's big news to us natives. I don't know what we would do if we were to see *gasp* a single digit or negative temperature. Y'all up north have brown fat (yes, really--and let me know if you find out otherwise); we southerners don't even have a concept of brown fat.

Okay, so I was awake. Productivity, however, is a different animal. One challenge at a time.