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good day

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

6am. I didn't get out of bed but I did sit up. In my grogginess, I think I did complete one Hail Mary before falling back in bed. I'll try to do better tomorrow morning. I'll have a space heater ready, since the cold makes it extra hard to get up.

Found a job posting that actually fits me and that I'd be happy to work. It goes to a recruiter. Submitted my resume.

Went to volunteer where the RSCJ Sister I met last week works. First day. Of course I remember the names of everyone to whom I was introduced. Yeah, right. Ended up helping put up the Christmas tree and its lights. Three victories: the tree is old and the attachment between the top half and bottom half was cracked. Was able to find a splint; that and duct tape did the trick. Was able to figure out how to plug in the lights given that the plug is out in the hallway and they have only one 6ft extension cord: run another string of lights as an extension cord. Finally, was able to locate all the bad bulbs and replace them; all the light strings lit up. Call us inexperienced: we put up the lights before plugging them in to check. Unfortunately for next year's person, the string from which I stole the replacement bulbs is gonna be hell to troubleshoot.

Mass was, um...modified, with practically no kneeling, more sitting than standing, and includes the priest's friendly little dog. The staff and volunteers are fully functional folks, but I think the tenants/visitors are not all quite so able--that and the small room calls for some of the adaptations.


Anonymous said...

Mass with a dog! I am so there! ;-)

Even my Groovy Sisters aren't that liberated...

Steph Youstra said...

Awwww .... someone who knows the RSCJs. I was educated by them, worked in one of their schools, and knew that, whenever I got around to doing the nun-thing, that's where I was gonna enter.

(Pay no attention to the OSB letters after my name. Have I ever mentioned God's sick and twisted sense of humor???)

Curiousity (for here or e-mail) .... who and/or where was it? (Perhaps this one would be more of an e-mail, but...) what's been your experience with them in terms of the "vocation" world?