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Thursday, December 08, 2005

I am grumpy this morning. No particular reason. This morning I've been dealing with the confusion of this unemployment insurance thing. On the phone and going in circles. The folks are helpful. It's just me; I'm not very adaptable at the moment. The frustration of not being free to enter a religious community surfaces daily, along with uncertainties that I am even fit for it; this morning it just adds to my grumpiness. I don't see any jobs that I might want (but then, I've not covered much ground). I have no clear idea of what I want to do (jobwise) or where I want to go. It's cold. I haven't eaten, and don't feel like eating. One of my cats threw up a hairball on my bed last night and I was too dead to the world to even know it until morning. In the past, I have shot straight out of bed at the sound of a cat throwing up. Not last night. Grump. Grump. And no, this is not PMS (or menopause for that matter) -- it's not time. This just means that I need to turn my attention back to the things of heaven. This a major feast day, after all.