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bad Christmas

Monday, December 26, 2005

Violent crime close to home.

On the night of Dec. 22 we left the movies after seeing King Kong. We were going to get gas at a station by our house. It has a mom & pop flavor and is usually run by middle-Eastern people who are very nice to us. That night, their price was a little higher than some of the other surrounding stations. Knowing that they were a little slower to change their prices, I suggested that we wait until the next day to gas up. It turned out that the station attendant was robbed at gun point that night. Thankfully he's okay. We came back the next night (Dec. 23) and he told us about it.

He also told us that on the day of Dec. 23, the owner of the business next door and his dad was shot. We frequent the business next door too, and are familiar with the owner. The two are hospitalized and are expected to live. The shooter lives just a few blocks away and was surrounded by SWAT the night of Dec. 23. We've been missing the news, but talking to someone else, they told us that the shooter eventually shot himself (probably Christmas eve).

As this all happened in our neighborhood, we can say a neighbor was held at gun point and robbed, two neighbors were shot, and one neighbor committed suicide.

God help us all.


Mayor said...

This was posted on my blog and thought I would pass it along ..

December 25, 2005


It was Christmas eve day and all through the house Two little children ran around like a mouse. The excitement was building. The moment was near. It would not be long be fore St. Nick would be here.

Christmas is shared due to divorce, this was dads year, it sadly turned into remorse.

Granted they were being fresh, as most kids are, but as I see it dad took it a little to far.

They were told they were bad & the gifts would go back, if they didn’t behave & stop the crap. As children this is what we’ve all been told, but to actually have it happen is out of control.

Christmas for these kids is the same for you & me, they woke with excitement to see what’s under the tree.
Except for these kids who were told they were bad, awoke on Christmas morn & instead being happy, they were very , very sad.

These children awoke from their beds with excitement & glee, to find NOTHING at all, under the tree.

They were sad & disappointed as most of us would be, Imagine how you would have felt at age 9 & 13, to find a bare tree.

Ya see, to them, Santa was a very nice man who lived long ago, that’s the story that is said, but as far as this house believes , he is now dead. Presents come from me & what I say goes, if I say NO gifts then that’s the way it goes.

Later that day when they returned home, their was toys for the boy & a bible book for the girl, sadly but true, she was told, that if you didn’t open your mouth to the courts & start your stuff, you would have received more, I have to pay for an attorney now & he walked away in a huff.

PLEASE E- Post your comments @ or E- MAIL me at My goal is to have as many emails & or letters to show this Judge the mental abuse that is going on and must be stopped!!!!!!!

PLEASE e mail everyone you know & ask them to do the same ( a chain if you will ) I know I will receive a lot & hope this will help.

Sincerely yours, MOTHER.